How to Make Your Shower Safe for Elderly People

Taking a shower is one of the most crucial activities we can perform. And as we get older, and it can become increasingly difficult to carry out day-to-day activities. Because elderly people are more likely to slip and fall in the bathroom, it is critical to create a safe environment.

Adjustments must be made in order to avoid accidents and ensure a pleasant and comfortable showering experience. We will talk about a variety of ways to make your shower safe for older people in this blog post, including the recommended safety products for showers like standing handles, shelves, and stools. We’ll also give you some more safety advice for the shower to keep in mind to make the bathroom safer for your loved ones.

Assessing the Shower Area

It is essential to conduct a thorough evaluation of the shower area prior to making any adjustments or purchasing any shower safety products.

  1. This includes finding potential dangers like slick floors, sharp edges, and small openings.
  2. The size of the safety products for the shower that will need to be installed correctly can be determined by measuring the space.
  3. Additionally, mobility issues should be taken into consideration, such as the requirement for additional support or a comfortable seat when showering.

When these factors are known, it will be easier to choose shower safety products that are best suited to the requirements of elderly people and will result in a safer shower experience overall. When it comes to elderly safety, assessing the shower area is the first step toward achieving this objective before making any major changes.

The Top Three Shower Safety Products

There are a number of shower safety products that can make the shower safer for the elderly. Some products that are recommended are:

1) Shower Standing Handle

A shower standing handle is a sturdy bar that can be attached to the wall of the shower to give older people who are standing in the shower extra support. These handles are generally made of treated steel or aluminum, and a few models might have a finished hold for better grip. Drilling holes in the shower wall and securing the handle with screws is typical of straightforward installation. That can by done by a handyman or shower professional. 

2) A Shower Shelf

A shelf for the shower can help keep essentials for the shower close at hand and reduce the likelihood of bending or reaching for them, which can cause falls and slips. To prevent accidents, the shelf should be made of rust-resistant materials like stainless steel or plastic and be able to be installed at a height that is comfortable for the user. Drainage holes may be present in some models to stop water from pooling on the shelf, which can also make it easier to slip and fall. If you are designing a new shower, you can include a cutout and use tile to make the shower shelf. 

3) The Shower Stool

For elderly people who are unable to stand for extended periods of time, a shower stool provides a safe and comfortable seating option. It has non-slip feet to prevent slipping and can be adjusted to the desired height. Most shower stools are made of lightweight material that resists rust, like aluminum or plastic. Drainage holes may also be present on some models to stop water from pooling on the seat, which can lead to slipping.

For elderly people, using any of these recommended shower safety products can significantly lower the likelihood of accidents in the shower. To get the most out of your shower, choose products that are durable, resistant to rust, and simple to put in. Alternative if you are looking to remodel your shower to be better designed for an elderly person, contact a professional like Supreme Showers to help you out. 

Other Important Shower Safety Tips

As well as utilizing shower security items, there are different tips to remember to establish a more secure washroom climate for older individuals. Additional shower safety advice:

  • Mats that Don’t Slip: Shower floors that have non-slip mats can help prevent falls and slips. Rubber, vinyl, or other non-slip materials can be used to make these mats, which are available in a variety of sizes. They can be removed for cleaning and are simple to install.
  • The Temperature of the Water: Older individuals might have decreased aversion to temperature, making them more defenseless to burns or scalds. This risk can be reduced by lowering the water temperature. A thermostatic mixing valve can also control the temperature of the water and prevent abrupt temperature changes.
  • Getting Rid of Stuff: Keeping the shower region free from mess and things you don’t use can decrease the risk of stumbling or falling. Shower supplies like shampoo bottles and soap should be easily accessible and stored in a well-organized manner.
  • Ensuring Proper Lighting: For elderly people, adequate lighting in the shower area is essential because it can assist them in navigating and recognizing potential dangers. Introducing splendid, non-glare lighting or utilizing battery-worked movement detecting lights can further develop perceivability and forestall mishaps.

Elderly people can have a safer and more pleasurable experience in the shower if they follow these safety guidelines. In order to protect them from harm and ensure their well-being, it is essential to create a safe and comfortable environment.


In conclusion, it is essential to create a safe shower environment for elderly people in order to avoid injuries and accidents.

Shower safety products like standing handles, shelves, and stools can provide additional support and lower the risk of falling in the shower. Moreover, other shower security tips, for example, introducing non-slip mats, changing water temperature, clearing mess, and guaranteeing legitimate lighting, can additionally improve shower wellbeing.

When making any adjustments, it is essential to evaluate the shower area, identify potential dangers, and prioritize safety. Elderly people can maintain their independence, enjoy their shower experience, and avoid injury by taking the necessary precautions.

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