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From its usage in producing home essentials to its application for industrial and commercial purposes, glass is just as important as it is universal. But not all types of glass perform the same function. Low-iron glass material edges out most other similar glass products, thanks to its special production process and a wide variety of outdoor and indoor applications. 

Also known as Starphire, this type of glass offers a more durable and unadulterated frame compared to your traditional clear glass. And at Supreme Showers, we bank on industry-standard to produce remarkable shower glass and mirrors for your interior arrangements. 

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What is Starphire Glass?

Starphire Glass is a soda-lime product containing only 10% of the total iron concentration in normal float glass. As a low-iron product, this glass offers better light transmission and clarity due to its higher Visual Light Transmittance properties. 

Additionally, this glass type deviates from the normal green cast at the edges in favor of an azure-blue tint. Starphire glass is also made from silica but with a lower iron concentration and a chroma-free surface. Due to this combination, the glass is able to portray lucid white, yellow and red light penetration. 

Unsurprisingly, a great deal of mechanical fine-tuning goes into the production of the Starphire glass. It ends up very thick, as much as 19mm, and has a largely pronounced durability which makes it highly resistant to scratches. 

Many production lines combine Starphire glass with insulating glass units to develop products with low emissions. Common applications of the Starphire range from fireplace glass doors to shower doors, commercial frameless doors, and windows. 

It’s worth stating that low-iron silica, unlike the sand used to create conventional ceramic products, is quite rare. Coupled with the sophistication of production and highly durable properties, it’s no surprise that Starphire glass is quite expensive. 

Regardless of the cost, it’s undeniable that Starphire glass products are entirely worth their price. When applied to residential or commercial buildings, they improve the quality of the tile or marble floor. They also tend to provide additional radiance to light designs 

Starphire Glass Big Shower

How Do You Clean Starphire Glass?

Considering that Starphire glass is clearer and transmits more lucid light, it is prone to dirt and may be tougher to clean. In fact, usage and location may cause the glass to attract more stains. For instance, your home mirror is more susceptible to grease from body care products than an industrial building’s frameless door. 

That said, here’s a breakdown of the best cleaning equipment to use and the steps to clear out a hazy or stained mirror. 

  1. Wipe your glass with a microfiber cloth only. Using ordinary rags or toilet paper will only leave streaks on the surface. On the flip side, microfiber cloths are reusable and take off dirt without leaving smears. 
  2. Use proven cleaning solutions: Applying a cloth is insufficient if done without an effective liquid cleaner. That’s why we advise using commercial-grade and home-safe cleaning solutions. Many homeowners recommend Windex cleaner as very effective for cleaning shower doors and mirrors.
  3. For long-lasting cleaning, wipe the surface first with a clean microfiber cloth, then spray your liquid cleaner on the glass. Afterward, use another clean microfiber cloth to wipe the glass surface in a zig-zag manner as opposed to a circular cleaning technique. 
  4. If there are tough stains on the glass, you may want to try either vinegar solution, alcohol, or dishwasher liquid soap. 

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What Is The Difference Between Starphire Glass and Regular Clear Glass?

There is a world of difference between Starphire glass and other glass types, even though their physical properties may not appear immediately distinguishable. Arguably the first and most important distinction between your regular clear glass and the Starphire is the iron concentration. 

Starphire glass contains only about one-tenth of the iron silica used in making conventional glass. As a result, regular glass has a green tint as opposed to the bluish cast at the edges of the Starphire glass. 

Besides, in terms of clarity, Starphire glass beats all other glass types, hands down. The reduced ferrous concentration also means that Starphire glass is more durable and sturdy, regardless of the usage. However, in terms of weight or strength, there is usually no remarkable difference between both options.  

Additionally, Starphire glass transmits up to 91% of the light it receives, while regular glass only has a transmittance rate of 83%. So, Starphire is used in instances where clarity and light reception are of great importance. These properties explain why Starphire is used in creating mirrors and commercial windows. 

Lastly, the pricing of both alternatives is a significant area of difference. Starphire glass may cost anywhere between 20% to 25% more than your basic tempered glass. The luxury and interior aesthetics offered by the Starphire justifies this considerably higher monetary value. We discuss the actual prices of Starphire glass material below. 

How Much Does Starphire Glass Cost?

The price of largely depends on the retailer and the square footage of glass you intend to purchase. On the average, you should expect to pay about $15 per square foot for Starphire glass than regular tempered glass.

If you’re making the purchase yourself, you can tell apart from counterfeits by the edge hue and its clarity. Supreme Showers is trusted for all indoor production involving Starphire glass. So, if your ultimate aim is to use ultra clear glass for your shower, mirror or stair railings, then you should opt for our high-quality services. 

Interestingly, you can get a free quote for your project and have experts analyze your peculiar project needs. Opt for Starphire glass with Supreme Showers in Chicago today and take a step closer to building the shower area you’ve always dreamed of.

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